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This page is dedicated to the greatest pop entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson. Michael was more than an entertainer, he was a great humanitarian with a huge heart and stood for all things good. So misunderstood, like all unique people. Every artwork I create of Michael, I gift back to Michael's fans. I post my artwork to MJ Fanmily & whoever really wants it, leaves a comment. I am a professional digital artist but I need to better my skills at traditional art and what a better way to do this than draw Michael. With each artwork I will improve until I feel I have found my style. This page is just an experiment for me but I want to share it with all Moonwalkers. Gifting my Michael Jackson artwork  is my way of helping to keep Michael Jackson's legacy alive. "Study the greats and become greater" by Michael Jackson. This quote inspires me never to give up on my art. My MJ Art giveaways are exclusive to MJ Fanmily members. It is a private group. I am not admin but join if you love Michael.

 I will add drawings of Michael often, so call back again.