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Michael Jackson Innocent Updates

Maria Murphy Art proudly supports Michael Jackson 

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you stand alone.

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.

Never regret doing the right thing no matter what the cost may be.

Don’t shrink away from standing and speaking or doing for fear of the repercussions or personal price.

It takes a strong person to turn the other cheek, to not look the other way, to not just simply walk away.
- Michael Jackson


Let the memory of Michael be with us forever 

Sign a lifetime memorial online book, Forever Missed & leave a tribute to Michael.

Leave a tribute as often as you wish.

On going research, videos, posts, updates & all things about Michael that the mainstream media don't want you to know.

Also on YouTube & you might me opened minded to MJDHI  Also please help them create more amazing videos by joining their

Owner - Souza

Please donate to Taj Jackson's (Michael's nephew & member of 3T) Go Fund Me who is making a series about the real Michael Jackson called "The Truth Runs Marathons". Also visit his YouTube channel.

Please help Ron Pia, who does so much for us. He delivers our flowers to Michael's resting place at Forest Lawn, California, makes ongoing videos dedicated to Michael & even takes us to Neverland when ever he can. He does this for moonwalkers around the world who cannot visit themselves. All the donations go to the flowers & towards a flyer on a plane that flies around Forest Lawn on  special occasions - Michael's birthday which is now officially "Happy Michael Jackson Day". Also visit Ron's YouTube.