Fantasy Artist  

Maria Murphy


Maria Murphy is mainly a self-taught, Irish artist & photographer. The main themes in Maria's artwork are the spirit realm to the whimsically strange and is best described as atmospheric, dark & eerie. Her inspiration comes from other artists, fantasy films, everyday life & death!  Some of her work has been published in books, book covers & licensed by companies. 

Meet The Artist



  • Introvert
  • Dog called Nellie

 Art Inspirations


  • Thomas Kinkade
  • Jim Warren
  • Nene Thomas
  • Anne Stokes
  • Holly Durr

Favorites Things


  • Films: 1930 -1980's.
  • Music: 1980's.
  • Genres: Pop - Metal - Classical - Jazz.
  • Metal Band: Steel Panther.
  • Solo Artist: Michael Jackson.
  • Clothes Colors: All shades of Black.
  • Interior Design Colors: Neutrals, gold & silver with a tiny splash of color.
  • TV: YouTube Channels.

Mediums Used

Digital Art:

  • Canon EOS 80D, Camera
  • Corel, Paint Shop Pro, Software 2006-2023
  • Photomanipulation


Traditional Mediums:

  • Colored Pencils / Pencils

Past Clients




Book Cover Artwork

  • Halloween Love, Spells by Christy Leigh Stewart. USA. View >
  • Freeing The Heart (A tribute to Michael Jackson) by Gerri Stone. USA. View >


Art Contributor

  • The Holy Rosary Mother Angelica & The Nuns DVD. EWTN TV Channel. USA. View >
  • Harvests of New Millennium. Volume 1. 2008 by India. View >
  • Harvests of New Millennium. Volume 2. 2009 by India. View >
  • Play "N" Trade, California, USA. View >