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Featured Digital Resources  (Thank you ladies)



Copyright policy using stock images.

Due to copyright laws, digital artists have to honor into a commercial agreement with designers & photographers by giving them a attribute when using their resources in a finished artwork.


Gradually adding back stock credits from old artworks.

Due to a computer & a website error, all stock credits where wiped out from my digital fantasy art collection 2006-2020. Please contact me if you notice any of your stock images in my artwork & I will add your credits here. 


Stock Credits - 2006-2020 Artwork

Halloween by Maria Murphy

Model by Liam-Stock


Stock credits for my 2021 Artworks - View in my gallery >

The Walk 

Background - artist own.

Model, scarf, fog & wolves by Fantasy Background Store.

Bag by Tracy Williams.



Wolves & fog by Fantasy Background Store.

Background by Kuschelirmel-Stock



Background & dove - artist own

Model, Chair, flowers by Fantasy Background Store

Candles by YBsilon-Stock


Fighting For Michael

(Fan art only)

Background, model & papers by  Fantasy Background Store

Book by Zememz


The Mermaid

Background & model by  Fantasy Background Store



Background by Wesley-Souza

Flowers by Zememz

Moon by Tina Louise

Wolfs & rocks by Fantasy Background Store



Background, cat, fog & flowers by Fantasy Background Store


Vintage Angels

Background by Fantasy Background Store

Roses by YBsilon-Stock

Vintage Angels by The Graphics Fairy