Texture Stock Photos 

Created by Maria Murphy

Stock Usage Policy  (Last updated July 2023)
Feel free to use my stock images if you agree to the terms below:

  • Don't claim my stock as yours. (I spend hours creating them, so that would be unfair to take the credit)
  • You may not download & use my stock images as is & sell them. (That would be art theft)
  • You may sell premade backgrounds, prints etc. of your finished artwork using my stock images for commercial & personal use.
  • You may edit my stock photos to create web designs, logos or any project for commercial & personal use.
  • A link to this website would be appreciated :-)         Enjoy!     Maria x

Door Peeled Paint
Image – 10.4 MB 114 downloads
Stone and Rusty Chain
Image – 15.8 MB 117 downloads

Image – 9.0 MB 118 downloads
Stone Brick
Image – 10.1 MB 117 downloads
Crumbled Wall
Image – 12.9 MB 114 downloads
Wall and Ivy Roots
Image – 16.3 MB 122 downloads

Steel Gate and Rusty Lock
Image – 3.9 MB 118 downloads
Steel Gate Angled
Image – 5.5 MB 124 downloads
Steal Rusty Gate
Image – 8.8 MB 122 downloads