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A Photographers Worst Nightmare

Published on 25 March 2021 at 05:21

True Story Time

It was raining all day & all I wanted to do at the end of the evening was make a cup of tea & watch some reality TV on Hayu. As I sat down with my cuppa, I glimpsed outside for a moment & what I saw was amazing. Almost out of nowhere the weather suddenly changed. The sky cleared & turned a beautiful shade of soft baby pink & the sun shined through the big fluffy clouds. To anyone else this would just have been a beautiful sight but if you are a keen photographer your mind is racing with ideas & thinking of places to go, to capture this wonderful moment. Suddenly, I thought of the perfect place. I had to be quick as the bright sun was setting fast.  I grabbed my camera and jumped into my car & drove 5 Km to my destination through mucky, wet, bendy country roads. I just made it in time, I got out of the car still wearing my slippers & I stomped through the ditch covered in thorn bushes, wet grass and muck. Finally, I climbed onto a small stony wall and there it was, just as I had imagined it earlier, just stunning. The sun was setting through a cluster of trees on a hill, a huge wide field surrounded me & close by was trough of hay for the sheep. The ewe and her two lambs was looking straight at me, what a stroke of luck!! I looked in the viewfinder and aimed the camera and took the shot. I then took a few more just encase. Within seconds it started to get dark so I got back into my car & proceeded to check my images before I headed home. Then reality slapped me in the face. I never put the SD card in my camera.   The End!!


Moral of the Story

Always "Be Prepared" The Scouts Motto.

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